Submission to Authority

At this moment that I am typing this message I am constrained to walking circles in the flat of our back lawn. We praise GOD for having grass in a back lawn! Yet, this represents the effects of the season in which we find ourselves around the world. Normally I would be exercising in the hilly streets.

We are far from normal times. We are at the end of end times. End times began when Jesus ascended into Heaven to be seated at Father GOD’S Right Hand. When we read Daniel 12, Matthew 24, and The Book of Revelation, we see the patterns signaling our Savior’s Return. May Jesus arrive soon in Plenary Life and Love!

Within days and weeks the entire world has been forced to fully comply with government imposed lockdown laws due to a fast spreading plague causing death and the fear of death. We speak and live Life in abundance. And we must Biblically submit to the authorities of the day in respect of GOD even if uncomfortable.

Life as we knew it changed in a moment’s time. It is time for us to comply with our GOD-appointed authorities for Him to honor His Promises and Blessings onto and over our respective houses. It is simpler written or said versus done. We must put this in practice to Preserve Life in Jesus’ Name.

It is time to comply no matter how much of a challenge this is to our selves and flesh. The spirits of rebellion, darkness, death and satan were conquered at Calvary. The Same Conquering Spirit Lives in us who call on The Name of Jesus! We must submit to GOD, resist the devil and satan will flee. It is time to exhibit Jesus.

*PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name forgive us of our sins including but not limited to fear and rebellion. Help us, LORD, take comfort and refuge in Who You Are and Your Promises to us as Your Children. Have us rise into sonship in You. Draw us closer to You with Cords of Love. Have Your Perfect Love drive away all fears. Amen.*

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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