Greetings in The Precious Name of our LORD Christ Jesus!

As a good friend asked, here is a simple way to explain what happened to Jesus and the reason for celebration.

• 1. Jesus entered Jerusalem seated on a donkey. The people spread garments on the ground upon which the donkey walked. They waved palm leaves and proclaimed, “Hosanna in The Highest. Blessed is our King Jesus.”

• 2. Jesus broke bread with His disciples. He said to each of them, “Take, eat, this bread represents My Body given to you. Remember Me.” Jesus took the cup of red grape juice or wine and said, “Take, drink, this represents My Blood shed for you. Remember Me.” This was a symbol of what was to come and this was the official Israeli Passover (Pesach) meal of The Old Covenant soon to become The New Covenant.

• 3. Jesus died a sinners death on The Cross at Calvary. His Body was given. His Blood was shed. He took the place of all humanity’s sins: past, present and future.

• 4. Jesus was wrapped in cloth and laid in a tomb.

• 5. A large fairly unmovable stone was placed in front of Jesus’ tomb.

• 6. Jesus’ friend, Mary, went to the tomb. The stone was rolled away. The soldiers who were guarding the tomb had passed out. An angle of The LORD told the friend, Mary, she should not look for Jesus there, as He Is Risen! Mary encountered Jesus in the same garden. Mary reports to the disciples: He Is Risen!

And that is this abridged version of the story of Jesus’ death for our sins and Resurrection for you and me!

This blog has details on Passover. Especially look at Jonathan Cahn’s 90 minute video on Passover, as he explains this in a beautiful way:

And should you want to learn more details with regard to above use the blog to download the free Holy Bible phone application. Read all chapters from 11 to 16 in The Book of Mark, and when you feel prompted read all four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

He Is Risen!

He Is Alive!

Jesus’ Holy Spirit lives!

Be still and know He Is GOD.

Shalom aleichem!

Chag Pesach Sameach! (Happy Passover!)

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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