“Chase The Promise Keeper”

By Julita Lambrechts (2020)

This morning I am overwhelmed again by the detail God goes to just to show His love for His children. Before I met my church-planter husband, I had my own maintenance business and God blessed me financially. In that time, God many times used me to bless others with whatever it was God put on my heart. There were three occasions that stood out to me and taught me something new about God’s character.

One afternoon I heard the Holy Spirit instruct me to make up a food parcel for an elderly couple in Pretoria North. They are beautiful people. Loved the Lord with all their hearts. So I packed the parcel and I was busy in the freezer taking out margarine and I clearly heard God’s voice. “No, not margarine. Give them real butter”. So I put back the margarine and replaced it with “real” butter. So that evening I took the parcel and had a lovely conversation with them listening to all their testimonies. How I loved that. Two weeks later I went round again to have tea with them and this is what the old man told me. Oh, he had a softness in his voice when he spoke about the Lover of his soul. He said…. “Jy weet sussie …. ek sit hier op my stoep…(I have to put this down in Afrikaans…. will explain) en ek sê Vir die Vader….. ek is so moeg vir hierdie ou plastic botter. Is daar dan nie iewers net n ou lekseltjie regte egte botter nie?? En jy weet sussie…. daardie aand kom kuier jy en jy bring n boxsie met goedjies vir ons en wat het die Liewe Heer vir ons Bestel??? BOTTER, REGTE BOTTER!!!”

I sat there and I just cried with him because I knew that I knew that I knew HE told me to. It was not my decision and it was not by accident. I wanted to give margarine, but God knew the old man’s hearts desire for real butter!!! Now tell me this is not an amazing God!!! I mean…. in the bigger picture of things??? Is this important at all??? Not to us!! But it is to God, because it was important to this son of His.

Another time I had exactly the same thing happening. God put a single mom with two little girls on my heart. I put some bully beef in the box and again, the Holy Spirit said “NO!! Tuna!!” So I took out the Bully beef and put tins of tuna in the box. I put the box in front of her door…. rang the bell and ran. Did this many times!! Hehehe. It was such fun to me to do this without being caught. Was all about the timing. Ringing the bell and running!!! So Sunday in church, we had a time for testimonies and this lady gets up. And this is her testimony. She wants to thank God for a food parcel on her doorstep during the week. But the people should please not take offense with her testimony. She said… “many times I receive such a parcel, there is always Bully Beef in the box. I cannot stomach bully beef anymore and asked the Lord to please send me food. But please Lord no Bully Beef. I would love some Tuna if I may.

I sat there once again amazed and overwhelmed by the love He has for His children. HE KNEW and would not allow me to put bully beef in that box. Man oh man…. this makes Him just such a great God in my eyes.

The third occasion was a very, very poor mother with five kids. She lived in a community house. Very poor and also loved God. So I packed a box and clearly I heard the Holy Spirit. Take some candles and matches. And I was like…. Lord… they stay in a community house. Their electricity does not get cut. It is part of their “package”. But I know His voice so I obeyed. I delivered the box and actually forgot about it.

Time went by and one day I saw the lady again. She said… “I want to thank you for the parcel that evening and especially the candles and matches”. It immediately caught my attention, because I remembered the prompting of the Holy Spirit. She told me that her 14 year old son had a very important exam the next day and just as he started studying, the power went out. They had no power until the next morning, but because of the candles and matches, it did not affect them at all. A God that cares about a 14 year old boy who needs to study!!! Really??? Surely He needs to give attention to some important things happening in the universe!!! But not this God of ours!!! Nope. He cares about those little things which makes us happy and are important to us.

So with this knowledge, I started to be very specific in the things I asked Him for. Not only in provision, but in healing and the saving of souls and many things. Very specific. Because He cares!! He truly cares about us.

He told King David….(in my own words)….. David…. I gave you the best of the best. I gave you the most beautiful wives, I gave you more than enough riches…. if this was not enough… all you had to do was ask Me!!! Wow!!! If it was not enough… all you had to do was ASK!!! Can it be as simple as that??? For sure!! Like a child in your house! If a child wants something…. he asks the parent. As simple as that. As it is with God.

So today I want to challenge you to have a relationship with God where you can come boldly to Him and tell Him all your needs, but also your wants. And if it is not going to harm you, I promise you…. at the right time…. you will receive it. And I am beyond butter and tuna now. Dare to ask Him for your dreams and tell Him about your kids and your business and all of your life!!! Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you!!! What a promise!!! And the thing is, once you get to know Him, you do not chase the promise anymore!! You chase the Promisekeeper!!! And HE is the answer to everything.

My heart just overflows this morning knowing that it does not matter how extreme situations get and how difficult it is….. He is there and He cares about every little detail of my life!!! And that makes Him an absolutely AMAZING, GREAT God!!!

He loves us!!!! Oh….and how He loves us!!!!

Source, Thu 23 Apr 2020:

By Landon

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