The following is an excerpt from The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee (1968). From Chapter Four “The Laws of the Mind,” Volume Three.

“A Cry for a Cleansed Mind”

“The Christian continually ought to ask GOD to purify his mental life and keep it fresh. He should request GOD to root out every evil thought towards Him and all excessive notions as well so that what he believes is completely of GOD. Pray that you may not only think of Him but in addition think rightly. Pray that no thought will issue forth from your evil nature, but that if it does it will be exposed and disposed of by GOD’S Light immediately. Ask GOD to keep you away from your old pattern of thinking in order that the church of GOD may not be divided by special doctrines. Ask Him too to check you from accepting any special teaching with your mind which would separate you from His other children. Entreat Him to make you of one mind with the others; and if in any matter this one mind is lacking, then wait earnestly and patiently for it. Beseech Him not to permit you to hold any erroneous idea or teaching in your new life. Implore Him to render you dead not only to this evil nature of yours but also to your evil mentality. Plead with Him that your thought may not be in any way be the cause of division in The Body of Christ. Beg Him not to allow you to be deceived again. Supplicate on behalf of other children of GOD that they too may live by Him, no further provoking and no further scattering each other, that all may truly enjoy one life and one mind.”

By Landon

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