Names of GOD

I AM your High Priest

I AM your Deliverer

I AM your Redeemer

I AM your Saviour

I AM your Avenger

I AM your Advocate

I AM your Abba Father

I AM your Comforter

I AM your Healer

I AM always, everlasting, unshakable, unchanged, forevermore.

I AM your shelter

I AM your refuge

I AM your save place

I AM your secret place, your tabernacle, your covering

I AM your guidance and direction

I AM your Counsellor

I AM the Most High

I AM your firm foundation

I AM the Rock of Ages

I AM your Mediator

I AM your atonement

I AM the perfect sacrificial Lamb

I AM your King

I AM the door through which you can enter into My Father’s Kingdom

I AM the light

I AM the life

I AM a stream of living water

I AM the bread of life

I AM your judge

I AM righteous

I AM just

I AM a God of order

I AM your shepherd

I AM the Word

I AM your Beloved

I Am the Vine

I AM your first love

I AM the tree of life

I AM the head

I AM your potter

I AM your refiner

I AM the creator

I AM the beginning and the end

I AM the first and the last

I AM alive

I AM omnipresent

I AM your defender

I AM the Victor

I AM faithful

I AM love

I AM food for the hungry and drink for the thirsty

I AM the giver of good gifts

I AM grace

I AM He who listens

I AM your helper

I AM holy

I AM your hope

I AM your peace

I AM your joy

I AM your husband

I AM your friend

I AM your keeper

I AM He who knows

I AM the Lion of Judah

I AM mercy

I AM mighty

I AM patient

I AM ever- present

I AM the only begotten of the Father

I AM truth

I AM with you

I AM the resurrected

I AM wisdom

I AM the anointed

I AM the Bridegroom

I AM the way

I AM the root and offspring of David

I AM the righteous branch

I AM a plant of renown

I AM the rose of Sharon

I AM the lily of the valley

I AM a bundle of Myrrh

I AM the builder and the cornerstone

I AM the last Adam

I AM the leader

I AM the commander

I AM the ruler

I AM the author and the finisher of your faith

I AM your shield

I AM your Messiah

I AM the King of kings

I AM the Prince of peace

I AM ointment poured forth

I AM rivers of water in a dry place

I AM a crown of glory and beauty

I AM your portion

I AM your Master

I AM your brother

I AM your teacher

I AM your Restorer

I AM your resting place

I AM glorified

I AM risen

I AM exalted

I AM faithful and true

I AM that I AM

I AM all in all, all that you need

I AM the great I AM!

By Landon

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