Covid-19 Freedom

By Frederik Cocquyt

Although the world is in a pandemic and epidemic crisis on a path that no one could imagine, our Father GOD knew exactly what would happen. He was not surprised like we are. He is in sovereign control.

Lockdown has brought a standstill to most of us except for those who are directly involved working and making sacrifices by serving the sick and helpless. Some medical personnel did not sleep at home but stayed elsewhere or even in tents in order to decrease the risk of infecting their own family members.

Under South African Level Five (5) Lockdown we were forced to stay at home and not venture anywhere. This broke the cycle and routine of everyday worldly life. Getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day of work or school and getting back home after work or school was routine. Being a Christian there was always the excuse of not having enough time to read the living Word and prayer. For most of us in lockdown there has been more than enough time for the Word and prayer yet yours truly included it has still not been easy to be productive with the newly found time. Within lockdown the world continued with its noises, sad news of people dying and other elements. Businesses are closing and people are losing their jobs. This causes uncertainty for the question of when this will end and what will happen to schools, businesses, other organizations and of course people?

What was supposed to be three (3) weeks is now standing at almost eight (8) weeks with no foreseeable end in sight. Some have gone back to work, but schools are still closed and people who are able to work from home will still be doing so. Hardest hit is the labour force with so many facets of our worldly economy still being handicapped.

With this chaos and uncertainty where we have enough time to spend in the Word and prayer, we find ourselves not making enough effort to first look up to The LORD! Look up, and know that we are in His will and all part of His plan. I write this to force myself to make more of an effort to be more positive to have more hope and to believe that tomorrow is in His hands. No matter what good or bad happens we are part of His plan to save the world and live The Gospel.

We are reborn free from this world and need to take this time to listen, read and pray more. Now is the time to become more intimate with Jesus to lean into His will and trust in Him. Our freedom was bought 2000 years ago. Lockdown or not we are free by The Blood of Jesus in spite of Covid-19.

By Landon

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