“George Floyd Was a Bible-Believing Christian with a History of Ministry Work”

Over the past few days I have been trying to get my head around what happened with regard to this American man named George Floyd who lived most of his life in Houston, Texas and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2018 where he recently died by a police officer’s knee choking his throat.

George Floyd has a criminal record, but we will see him in Heaven, as he gave his life to Jesus and ministered to gangsters to turn to The LORD. He attended his Houston church from about 2008 until he moved to start afresh in Minneapolis in 2018. He was arrested for a possible counterfeit USD $20.00 bill.

We have seen a handful of police officers as accomplices to what has been deemed a third degree murder at the knee of one officer. The officer and affiliates have been fired. Alas, this has sent distressed signals through not only Minneapolis, but the entire United States of America.

As far west as San Jose, California there are highway blockages and riots in protest over the death of this 46-year-young minister of faith man.

May our LORD Christ Jesus greatly bless and comfort The Floyd Family and friends. May Jesus come now to save this broken world.

George Floyd is holding up The Bible.

The following is an article outlining Floyd’s background and demise.

“George Floyd Was a Bible-Believing Christian with a History of Ministry Work” By Tré Goins-Phillips (29 May 2020):

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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