Knowing Jesus as our Goal

Is Jesus enough for us to be satisfied with and in our lives?

Is knowing Jesus our primary goal?

If Jesus is not our main motivation, especially for those of us who want The LORD to work through us in bearing witness of His Glory for others, then we need to reconsider how we are living our lives for and in Him.

Jesus wants all of us for Himself. He is jealous of anyone or anything getting between us and our relationship with Him. He freely gives us The Word and Holy Spirit to guide and direct us to do His Heavenly Will on earth.

Are we looking to please The LORD or only ourselves?

How can we focus on pleasing Father GOD and letting go of selfish interests?

For one, we can ensure spending more time in The Written Word with The LORD our GOD. When we communicate with Jesus, He communicates with us. He fills our gaps when we ask of Him to do so. When we feel empty or low, The LORD fills and lifts us.

Let us return to the basics of spending time with Jesus, reading The Word, waiting to clearly hear Holy Spirit’s gentle voice and obeying Him. When we do so we will feel greater fulfillment in our lives.

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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