Article Titled “Tony Dungy Implores Christians to ‘Demonstrate the Qualities’ of Jesus Amid Floyd Protests, Riots”

FILE – In this 2019 photo, former NFL player Tony Dungy is introduced before the induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane, File)

By Caleb Parke

2 June 2020

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy said the answers to America’s current divisions are found in the church, urging, “We can’t be silent.”

Dungy, the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl, made the comments after driving with his wife, Lauren, thinking and praying about how to respond to protests following the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, which devolved into riots and looting.

“Today we are a divided country,” Dungy wrote in a lengthy post. “We’re divided racially, politically and socio-economically. And satan is laughing at us because that is exactly what he wants. Dysfunction, mistrust and hatred help his kingdom flourish.”

Dungy asks: “Well, what is the answer then?”

“I believe it has to start with those of us who claim to be Christians,” he said. “We have to come to the forefront and demonstrate the qualities of the One we claim to follow, Jesus Christ. We can’t be silent.”

He added: “But we can’t go forward with judgmental, bitter spirits. We need to be proactive, but do it in the spirit of trying to help make things better. And it can’t be just the African-American churches. It has to be ALL churches taking a stand and saying ‘We are going to be on the forefront of meaningful dialogue and meaningful change.’ We have to be willing to speak the truth in love but we have to recognize that we are not fighting against other people. We are fighting against satan and his kingdom of spiritual darkness.”

Quoting Scripture, Dungy said, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Dungy described an “emotional ride” he took with his wife while in Florida.

“We saw many people out protesting and trying to make their feelings heard,” he said. “Most of it was peaceful but some was not. We saw a lot of hurting people. We saw a lot of angry people.

“We prayed for our country as we rode. Prayed that people who are hurting can direct their passion in [a] safe and productive way. And we prayed that our country can listen to people who are hurting and have concerns BEFORE they feel they have to lash out in anger to be heard. America we can solve this but it’s going to take all of us, WORKING TOGETHER, to do it.”

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