“Why not Let GOD Fight These Battles for You?”

By Julita Lambrechts, Author of “Chase The Promise Keeper” (2020)

I am sitting in beautiful Kleinmond and absolutely drinking in my surroundings. I am so at peace. And I thank God for that as I have come to value peace more than gold.

My son (Leo) and sometimes my son in law JP and I pray together every morning. While it is still dark and then we just pray as the Holy Spirit leads. And this morning I was reminded about being at rest in God. And I know what I am talking about as most of my life was not from a place of rest or peace.

This family has gone through a lot. Not necessarily more than the next family, but we have had our fare share of heartache, suffering, pain, lack, turmoil, troubles, challenges, shame and all that goes with that. But through it all God kept us close and He kept us standing.

I remember one thing this morning. Now it is funny, but at the time….. it was sooo painful. I was part of a congregation (Pentecostal church) and after my divorce, I continued to serve there.

On a Wednesday evening, we had prayer meeting. My favorite part of the week. It was sooo awesome to me to listen to the prayers and corporately step into the presence of God. I looked forward to that meeting.

So after my divorce, there was a change in the behavior of the people. The pastor went round the group (we use to assemble on the carpet sitting in a circle), and when he came to me, I was skipped. It was so obvious. Everyone got a chance to pray except me. I probably was unholy or unclean or something because of my divorce…. not sure what he thought…. and I took this to God.

I asked… should I fight this, should I just start praying, should I confront the pastor??? Even when they gave opportunity for a song to be sang, I never got the opportunity and they always used to ask me to sing. So I waited on God and then He spoke to me. He said…. the battle is not yours. It is mine. Be still and know that I am God.

Eish…. that was difficult. For 2 more years God had me go to that congregation and be treated like something that the cat dragged in. And then He had me do something soooo terrifying ….. He send me to go wash the feet of the pastor and his wife!!!

I nearly died!! But I know His voice so I took hold of all my courage and knocked on their door with a small little bucket and towels under my arms. I can only tell you this…. when I left…. I was walking on air. I was soooo free. And I knew that God released me in that moment from that congregation. It was a beautiful moment. The pastor and his wife were both overcome with emotion.

Years later, the son of that pastor got a divorce and I felt so sorry for them to have to deal with that, but I knew that it would change their hearts towards divorced people.

But what I learned from that experience was to sometimes do nothing but wait on God.

Some battles are not yours. It is the Lord’s. And He is a much better fighter than you, because He fights with love in sight and the outcome to be good for all.

Of course …. He can also destroy if His enemy comes against Him, but I am talking now concerning believers.

He fights our battles so that all ends up well. For all the parties. Because even the loser gains wisdom and experience in it all. And I think this peace in your heart also comes with age.

Where I am at now….. peace of God that surpasses all understanding….. this peace is of great value to me now. And it comes easier as I know God more than during my younger days where I wanted to change the world.

Now I still want to change the world, but I want to do it God’s way. And that is from a place of HIS rest. All good things come to those who wait. This is God’s truth. It just takes us soooo long to adhere to this.

So this morning, if you face challenges…. why not let God fight these battles for you?? I promise you…. the outcome will be so much greater as when you fight it. And you will not get your hands dirty.

Be a warrior in the spirit and only move when He tells you to move. My battle action was washing feet. Not your normal war weapons. But God knows best.

When He send worshippers to go before the battle…. the enemy laughed….. but when their walls came crumbling down…. there was no more laughter.

God is an excellent strategist. Let Him handle your battles and sit back and rest in Him. And when He says …MOVE…. then only do you move and you do no more and no less than what He tells you. Then the victory will be yours!!

I love His way of thinking. And that is why I can sit here…. absolutely at peace… just enjoying this beautiful day that God has made!!


“Chase The Promise Keeper:”

Blessings in The Most High!

By Landon

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