Fear Or Thanksgiving

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Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020

Subject: Fear Or Thanksgiving

Fear Or Thanksgiving

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Recent scientific tests revealed something totally consistent with the Bible. They studied fear and anxiety. What they found was that it’s pretty impossible to be thankful and fearful at the same time. If you’re giving thanks from your heart, you won’t have anxiety or fear. Thanksgiving is an antidote to fear and anxiety. They don’t go together. If you’re living in fear and anxiety, you’re not going to be living in thanksgiving. And if you’re living in thanksgiving, you’re going to have the power to overcome fear and anxiety. So the Word of God says, over and over again, “Do not fear.” It also says, “Give thanks in all things.” The two go together. If you live a problem-based life, you’ll have anxiety. But if you live a blessing-based life, you’ll have peace and joy. As it is written, perfect love casts out fear. So make it a daily habit and discipline, to spend time, not dwelling on any problem, but just on the blessings of God, and give thanks. For it’s a lot better to live in blessing than in fear.

From Message #1209 – Fearless

Scripture: Psalm 69:30

TODAY’S MISSION – In everything you do today be thankful. And whenever you’re about to lose your peace, or get anxious, or upset, start thanking Him all the more.


By Landon

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