Intimacy with The LORD

My appointments with The LORD are from very early every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is a privilege to spend time with Jesus in The Written Word and His Tangible Presence. It takes discipline to keep the body physically alert at this hour for Him. The rewards are priceless!

Recently I have felt a shift in the season and morning time with Father GOD. For about 12 months He had me in intensive reading within The Bible and Watchman Nee’s The Spiritual Man among other excellent books. Although I most certainly continue reading, I have entered a mode of greater listening to His Voice.

I find myself often waking well in advance of my alarm, which amuses me. I always have an anticipation of what I will learn and experience in my appointment with Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Recently I find myself finishing reading and prayers earlier than usual. This gives me greater time to be still before exercising.

In part I feel somewhat lost in not knowing exactly what to do. Yet, I get a sense that The LORD wants us to just be rather than always doing. We are not human doings. We are human beings. Psalms 46:10 is paramount. We must learn to be still to know He Is GOD. For a world of activity this is contradictory. For GOD it is normal.

It is improbable to summarize all thoughts of the moment into one brief. It is simple to say for the record that it is best for us to train our minds, bodies, souls, spirits and wills to become fully still before our LORD Christ Jesus in order for Holy Spirit to truly and deeply minister to us as human beings.

I strongly encourage each one of us to set a standing appointment to earnestly be still before The LORD. Take time to read The Word, pray, meditate and more so listen to His Voice daily. Fruits from sowing time into an intimate relationship with GOD serve us well on earth into eternity and are improbable to describe!

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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