Testimony: The LORD Is Faithful

The LORD Is Faithful

When we moved into our current residence in September 2019 soon thereafter our about 15 year old washing machine Karien had well before we married decided to quit on us. We thank GOD we had the ability to buy a new one right then.

Since the start of 2020 the new one has had clinking and rattling sounds. Finally we were able to secure an appointment with the manufacturer warranty department. Two technicians, who happen to be father and son, came to inspect and prospectively repair the machine. The noises were not sounded! They could not discover the root causes.

They said if we continue to have problems we must contact them and the manufacturer office again, which we unfortunately have since done so again. There was radio silence until yesterday.

Joseph, the son, called to ask when he could come by our house. I asked for Tuesday (this 30 June) morning for simplicity. He said no problem.

Now, let me back up. Within the few past weeks the original and first day the father, John, and son, Joseph, came to our house, I heard Jesus’ Holy Spirit prompt me to ask the father, “John, I get a feeling in my spirit man that you were friends with Nelson Mandela.”

John, the father smiled, and Joseph, the son, immediately replied and said, “No. No, he was not.”

But I kept quiet.

The older man had tears well up in his eyes when looking at me. I felt Holy Spirit’s Presence.

Joseph, age 24, was surprised to hear his father, John, say, “Yes, I knew Mandela. I helped him and his wife. I would help drive her around. Mandela and I often talked.”

This led to talking about The Gospel of our LORD Christ Jesus because I explained that Jesus’ Holy Spirit softly told me this before I asked John. Holy Spirit’s Presence was Powerfully Tangible and Fully Present! The Gospel was shared!

The young man looked like a dear in headlights for the remainder of their stay. He was shocked of how GOD revealed this to yours truly about his dad, and he, the son, knew nothing about his father’s friendship with Mandela.

The LORD Is Faithful. This older humble man of GOD was grateful for prayers.

The younger man verbally committed his heart to Jesus at that moment!

They departed with smiles and laughter. The young man remained surprised. The older man had a huge grin on his face. The young man several times asked, “How did you know this?”

I answered each time, “Jesus’ Holy Spirit prompted me.”

The father understood and simply smiled.

They praised GOD as they left our house, especially John, the father, who does visibly love The LORD.

Today LG is replacing our new washer with a new washer. This came from them and not from us asking.

There are more details that are hard to describe in words. But what I can and will say is that The LORD Is Faithful.

Amen. Thank you. We praise GOD!

Greetings in The Precious Name of our LORD Christ Jesus!

Shalom aleichem!

John 3:16. Romans 8:31. Hebrews 11:1. Zechariah 4:6-7.


Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

2 replies on “Testimony: The LORD Is Faithful”

God has perfect timing as long as we listen and do, His will. What a great testimony that fires up the fire inside.


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