Whether New or Old in our LORD Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit Wants to Work Through Us

Whether new or old in Jesus, The LORD can, will and does want to work through us.

I was saved in August 2008 at age 31. Born in 1977 I am now in 2020 age 43. Jesus’ Holy Spirit started to more so overtake me a year later in August 2009. In September 2009 I joined a small house church later named GODROCK.

When I joined I knew no one but two, Gail and Graham Niven, who I met through my Baylor University MBA classmate, Innocent Chikunya. Innocent preached The Word to me during our MBA program at Baylor. Gail successfully had me commit my spirit man and heart to our LORD Christ Jesus, August 2008!

At this tiny GODROCK Church The Ted and Dale Jacobs Family overwhelmingly represented the majority. Their children are Chris, Jonathan, Carol-Ann “Missy,” and Shaun, who are now married with children.

A different Shaun and his wife, Michelle, were unknown to me. I did not know anything about them, their families or their backgrounds, let alone I may not at the time have even known their surname of Frost.

After praise, worship and The Word, we were moved into smaller groups of a few. Carol-Ann “Missy” Jacobs Debrowski, whose husband is Joshua “Josh,” joined Michelle, others and me in prayer. I was completely new to really praying in Jesus.

We started to pray. I believe Missy led. We prayed for Michelle. I saw an image of one (1) in the womb, none (0) in the womb, and then two (2) in the womb. I kept quiet for a while without understanding or confidence in what I was seeing in my spirit man and mind.

Then I sheepishly whispered to Missy, I do not know what this vision means, but perhaps I should share it. She asked me to share it with Michelle, who started to cry.

Unbeknownst to yours truly, Michelle had recently at that time miscarried a baby, which was the one (1) and then none (0) in the womb. She was grieving the loss and their seemingly inability to bear children.

We prayed for Shaun and Michelle to have children. A while thereafter Shaun and Michelle announced their pregnancy with twins (2), Joel and Caleb! And now they have a third, Ryan.

I was “new” in Christianity. The LORD by Way of Jesus’ Holy Spirit gave revelation of what I knew not. I am now “older,” but definitely nowhere near fully “mature,” and praise GOD that Jesus’ Holy Spirit continues to reveal what He wants to show us for the benefits of His Kingdom.

My encouragement to you is that we must be firstly finely attuned to Jesus’ Written Word. Secondly we must be still to know that He Is GOD spending quantity and especially quality time with Him. Thirdly we must await Jesus’ Living Word by Way of Holy Spirit gently talking into our lives.

With this we can then do Jesus’ Holy Spirit-led Will to loose Father GOD’S Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name teach us, Oh LORD, Your Written Word for Him to come to Life through each one of us. Amen.

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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