Spotted Eagle Owl

Each weekday morning I exercise at the 05:00-Hour. This morning close to about 05:30 I heard an owl. My hat and hood were on, so I took both off to try to discern the owl’s location. To my surprise it was incredibly close.

As I lapped the lawn I kept carefully listening to where this beautiful bird was. To my amazement I realized it was in the trees directly over our washing line, which is exceptionally close.

This reminded me of the time when we lived at another house. I heard an owl sound very close. I looked all over for that owl at dusk and could not spot it. Then it dropped and flew from a branch directly over my head.

This morning the owl was a similar distance in the absolute dark. There was no way with my eyes I would have seen it. It was perched sounding for at least three (3) to five (5) minutes as I circled our grass.

It was special to say the least.

Then I lost its sound for moments and soon thereafter heard it calling from the other side of our neighbors’ house by our complex’s main road.

I asked Karien which owl it is, as our daughter, Amalie, has a wonderful ability to imitate it and I knew it is “her” owl. Karien said she had also heard it and considered waking Amalie, as it was so special. She rather let Amalie sleep. Karien told me it is the Spotted Eagle Owl.

The LORD is as close to us in the same manner. Sometimes we feel Him. Sometimes we hear Him. He is always up close and personal. All we must do is open our ears to listen. Jesus’ Holy Spirit will sound His Word to us at the right moment to announce His Presence.

PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name like birds of the air let us rest in feeling, hearing and knowing You are present to take tender loving care of each one of us, Your children. Amen.

YouTube Spotted Eagle Owl Sounds:

Wikipedia Spotted Eagle Owl Insights:

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

One reply on “Spotted Eagle Owl”

Thanks so much for the above, Landon. Met a friend the other day at a market and her words was that how ‘God talks to us sometimes’ and my response was ‘God talks to us all the time, we just choose not to listen all the time as it e.g. just doesn’t suit us or not quite part of MY plan😉’.
You should of seen her face light up as she grasped what I had I said, that expression on her face was priceless.
It’s all about listening to/for His voice. It’s all bliss.
Shalom aleichem.


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