Frederik Cocquyt Wrote this Day

Frederik Cocquyt Wrote this Day

We are blessed. I am “stuck” in Isaiah and had a revelation this morning. I was reading from Isaiah 52:13 and all the way through the whole chapter 53. Isaiah describes the crucifying of our Saviour in detail that gives understanding and interpretation.

We are blessed to be able to read The Word. Plus one hundred years ago much of the world was illiterate.

Imagine living before Jesus Christ and not being able to read. A person could only listen from those who could read. All people would have had was another person’s interpretation of The Bible.

It is great knowing what we know now and having the ability to read The Word!

How much stronger our faith should be and how much more can we realize our blessings?

Look up and have faith through this uncertain season in our world. May our Father’s Face shine upon you where you are and in what you are experiencing. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

— Frederik Cocquyt

By Landon

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