Samson the 2018 Movie

Samson, a man and judge on behalf of GOD, features in The Bible’s Book of Judges from Chapters 13 to 16.

Seldom do I discover a worthy movie to watch from start to finish. Too often within the first five or ten minutes I stop the show due to profanity or other spirit disruptive nonsense. This Friday evening of 31 July was different. After stopping another movie I watched the Samson trailer and decided to give it a try.

I am skeptical and critical of Bible stories made into films. I prefer straight and pure Truth in Jesus’ Name without compromise. It is improbable to create a film without artistic license in order to best portray a plot on the screen. The people who produced Samson did well. Jesus’ Holy Spirit was present.

Although not a perfect storyline, Samson the movie did exceptionally well depicting the Biblical character of a strong Hebrew man, who defended and led The LORD’S Jewish people during his time. We can relate as human how Samson’s shortcomings negatively impacted him, his family and friends.

But Father GOD, Who Is The GOD of Grace, Forgiveness and Mercy loved Samson and loves His people. The LORD continued to mightily work through Samson in spite of his weaknesses.

The part of Samson using the donkey’s jaw bone to kill 1,000 Philistines was an outstanding scene representing how Jesus’ Holy Spirit can powerfully flow through individuals to accomplish magnificent Acts of GOD pointing to His Glory. I wept in repentance of how small we make GOD.

We all too often underestimate the magnitude of how big GOD actually is and how much He desires for us to yield to Him for Him to greatly achieve much through us as individuals and His Body.

I highly recommend watching the 2018 movie of Samson. It is worthy of time and entertainment. It well demonstrates as best a film can The Greatness or our KING of Kings, LORD Christ Jesus!

PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name may we submit to You for Holy Spirit, Power and Anointing to flow through us as individuals and Your Body. Amen.

Blessings in The Most High


Sources of Additional Information on the Movie

For more information on the movie and its tailor, visit the following link:

There is also a Wikipedia article:

By Landon

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