The LORD Is Faithful by Julita Lambrechts

The LORD Is Faithful by Julita Lambrechts

(Julita is in the entertainment industry with singers and other artists.)

So we are in August already. What a year for the history books!! It is nearly 6 months that we were not able to work and earn money and salaries. Not that we do not want to work…. not allowed to operate in our industry as so many other industries. This morning I was in conversation with the Lord and I told Him…. Lord, this one is a difficult one. Every time I receive a message from an engineer wanting to sell his equipment …. I get sick to my stomach. Mics worth R8500 being sold for R500 just to be able to put food on the table for a night or two. Equipment worth R180000 being sold for R30000. They will not easily be able to replace this again. And times are truly tough. For some, life has never been so good as they are making loads of money because of the industries they are in and I am thankful for those. But my industry and others are suffering beyond anything we have ever seen. So what to do in times like these?? How do you even pray?? What do you spend your time on?? And for every one it will be different. In my life time I have always said…. do what your hand finds to do. If it is to just spend time with your family now… then build those relationships to the best of your ability. If God is giving you new ideas and blueprints…. pursue it. If you are to go into your studio and work on some new material…. do that. If it is to cook and bake for your family…. do that. If you have other work options…. pursue it. But do what you find is at hand. Do not look very far. It is usually right in front of you. And what to do with the money issue?? Most

Of us in the industry are now experiencing lack. Not enough money to do what we have to do. My opinion….. share what you have. Do not keep it all to yourself. If you have R1000…. give R200 away (or as you are led). If you receive a pocket of potatoes….. share with 2 other families. It keeps the flow going. Live from day to day and not month to month. And trust God fully. He says in His word that we should not worry what we will wear or what we will eat. The heathens do this. THEY worry!! Our heavenly father knows we need this so trust Him. The moment you worry…. you push Him to the side and you become the provider. Let Him provide and take the “worry” on Him. After all…. all the gold and all the silver belongs to Him. I know it is a very difficult time. I am there too. I have the same challenges. 6 months nearly where there was no salary for me from NueLight, but yet…. God provided in other ways because He is not dependent on NueLight to provide for me. He does as He pleases. And I trust Him to know. So in these very difficult times guys…. keep on trusting. Keep on hoping on God. I am telling you….. our industry is going to burst with work soon. And if you can….. please do not sell your equipment. Rather go on your knees and ask God to intervene in your situation, but please do not sell your equipment. You are going to need it when this comes to an end. And it is going to be a sudden end, so be ready. God is good. He is working all of this “bad” for our good. Keep on holding on. Soon you will see the fruit of it. And share. Share what you have with those in similar situations as you. And be thankful. Be very thankful. There are those that are even worst off than you. And trust God. Keep on trusting God. Suddenly…. suddenly…. the breakthrough comes. And pray for our industry. Prayers of joy and fullness of what God has in store. Not negative prayers!! We will testify as to how these times shaped our industry for the better. You will see. God is very much aware of what is happening and He is busy putting things in place for our benefit. This is going to be one awesome industry to work in. Without all the rubbish going on now!!! He is cleaning out!!

So for me and my house…. we will serve the Lord. We will thank Him for His mercies every morning and we will trust Him to bring a better outcome!! He has never failed me and will certainly not fail us now!! Have a wonderful August everyone!!! Take this month by storm and do not be defeated by the challenges!! Who knows…. it might be the final straw…..

just look at this day in Kleinmond!!! It brings hope just looking at its beauty!!!

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Blessings in The Most High


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