We are Promised that The LORD Watches and Protects Us

Father GOD watches and protects us every moment and day. We who call on The Name of Jesus are His children. There are countless verses that show the facts of GOD’S Promises taking care of us.

Let us do our best to rest in Jesus knowing that we do not see the protection, but must know in our spirits and hearts that The LORD unconditionally loves and therefore protects us.

The following is a comforting YouTube video sharing what The Word has to say about this protection. To absorb it fast change pixels to 144 and select twice (2x) the speed or whatever is good for you. It is worth the time and even the full proper video is 14 minutes.

“Spiritual People Don’t Know They Are Being Watched & Protected” by Lion of Judah published 5 September 2020:

PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name we trust You in watching and protecting us. Amen.

If you missed this week’s powerful real to life Word, prayer and ministry testimony, please be sure to see it here titled “Testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection Power and Forgiveness Reconciling and Reuniting:”

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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