The Bird on the K1 Coin is Only Found in Zambia

By Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba

The bird on the K1 coin, known as the Zambian Barbet is in the family of Lybiidae bird species.

The bird was named in honor of Sir Francis Drummond Percy Chaplin, a former colonial Administrator!

Chaplin served served as administrator for the British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia from 1914 to 1923. He succeeded William Milton.

The Zambian Barbet is so unique that it is only found in Zambia.

It is endemic in the upper Kafue River to Kabanga in Kalomo District. Its natural habitat is the moist savanna.

The Barbet is threatened by loss of habitat and is listed as one of the most endangered species.

Let us stop wanton cutting of trees for charcoal and prevent the human encroachment on protected areas.

And what is the local name so that we rename it?!🤔

— Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba, 6 September 2020


By Landon

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