The Joy of The LORD Is our Strength and Especially in The Mornings! By Julita Lambrechts

Julita wrote this beautiful message on Facebook moments ago and it is so worthy of sharing with others!

“I woke up this morning with such a joy in my spirit!! So wonderful what the seasons also bring. With Spring all around, the atmosphere also changes. And you also get excited for summer to come….. seasons. We have many of those in our lives. Some people do not believe in it, but I do. I have seen it in my own life. A time or season for different things. We all know that South Africa (SA) is standing in front of a new season. We see it, we feel it, we hear it, we ask for it. But in my own life (and many of you are at this same place), we know a new season has arrived. What that season will bring, time will tell. But that it will work for my good, that I am certain of. It excites me tremendously when I feel the winds of change blowing. I can never be at a place of despair even though I sometimes know the new season will bring lots of challenges. It is okay. It always brings growth and new people, new knowledge and a deeper understanding of life. And to me life is an adventure. I love being alive!! The good and the bad of it!! The bad brings an understanding of many things…. not always at that very moment….. but it always brings about a deeper understanding of people and life. And you get to know yourself in all of these seasons (and others of course). So this morning…. those of you who are standing at the beink of a new season….. embrace it!!! Fully!!! See it as a next adventure and journey in your life story and decide beforehand that this one is going to be epic!!! With all of its challenges, but this one is a step closer to where you are going!!! So I am ready to jump in (not having a clue of what or where I am jumping into), but I know He is there and I am not alone. So it is okay. What a joy to be alive!!! The joy of the Lord is our strength. So be joyful and be strong!!! You can do this and so can I!!! I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!! What a promise!!! So let us boldly take on this new season and tell the stories of it all!!”

— Julita Lambrechts


Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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