Focus on The LORD

“Now to you I say, and to the rest in Thyatira, as many as do not have this doctrine, who have not known the depths of satan, as they say, I will put on you no other burden” (Revelation 2:24).

How many of us have been or are too wrapped up in wondering what satan has done, may be doing or may do?

Alas, many Jesus-loving, saved people make it a study of discovering satan’s ways and means. I was there for long enough. I no longer look at or for satan’s doctrines of lies. I came to the revelation of How Great Is our GOD in Truth and Life.

Our Father GOD Is The Creator, Alpha, and Omega. He knows the beginning from the end, as that is Him. He in fact created Lucifer, now known as satan or against GOD, who He had to ask Michael to throw down from Heaven to earth along with one third of the heavenly hosts.

satan pleaded for permissions to harass Job. The LORD allowed satan to do anything he pleased with the exception of taking Job’s life. The details may be read in The Book of Job and per Job 42:10 Job prayed for his friends and remained faithful to The LORD. GOD restored Job’s losses in double portions.

Are you aware that It Is Written in Joel 2:25 that The LORD can send His own Army of Locusts to cause havoc? Why would a loving Father do this? He wants to strip us of our earthliness to return our focus to Him. When our characters reflect more of Jesus, then He restores the years the locust ate.

Are you aware that per Proverbs 6:31 that when the thief is caught stealing that the thief must payback seven-fold even when it may cost his whole house? We have The Book of Rights in The Bible of Promises in our Favor in Jesus’ Name, Way, Truth, Life and Light.

The Same Power That Conquered death Lives in us who call on The Name of Jesus! We serve The One True Living GOD. He Is Yeshua Hamashiach, Salvation Anointed One, Jesus The Christ, The Messiah. How about we rather learn more about our Savior versus anyone or anything else? The Bible does us well.

World doctrines and/or things of the world including but not limited to satan himself and otherwise are not worthy of our time.

Rather let us take the same time, energy, motives, resources and otherwise to invest in learning more about our LORD Christ Jesus!

PRAYER: Father GOD, in Jesus’ Name today we commit to learning more about Your Grandness and Greatness. Amen.

How Great Is our GOD” YouTube Music Video by Hillsong:

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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