Watermelon and Coffee

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Psalms 46:10).

Sometimes we must simply do nothing and sit in The LORD’S presence. On Wednesday, 9 December 2020, I was awake early sitting at the table eating watermelon. Outside it was drizzling. It was quiet.

I thought at that moment how GOD wants to simply commune with us. Simply sitting alone eating a watermelon brought pleasure to me. In a way I could feel The LORD smiling in the simple pleasure.

Moments later I made coffee. The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning is a simple pleasure. GOD is always present. Whether eating watermelon or sipping coffee, Jesus’ Holy Spirit wants to commune with us.

We do not have to go physically high onto a mountain top or to the depths of the oceans to find Jesus. We need to open our Bibles, read The Word, pray, meditate and listen to The LORD. He gently speaks to us who listen.

GOD is in simplicity. As mighty, powerful, grand and big The LORD is, He is in the minutia of details and overall simplicity. We need only simplify our lives and Jesus’ Holy Spirit comes through for us.

Simplifying is reducing all other noise to hear Jesus’ voice. How do we reduce noise? We find a quiet place to wait upon The LORD. Quiet places may be geographies and appointed times. It may be physical or mental.

We may find ourselves physically in a quiet geography. Many times we may be in a loud location and need to mentally escape to a quiet place. It may simply be visualizing sitting on a bench by the ocean.

No matter whether we find ourselves physically sitting in the spot or in our minds there, having a quiet geography where we can meet with Jesus is valuable. Jesus will meet with us when we set aside time to meet with him.

My friend, Steward Lumpa, makes two cups of coffee. He sits on one chair. The coffee he places on the table. He sips coffee from his cup. And he visualizes Jesus in the other chair having His coffee. They talk.

Steward and Jesus have their appointed time. It is a real location and meeting. Jesus is present. Steward is close to The LORD. The LORD is close to Steward. They have built their relationship over more than coffee.

Steward keeps his relationship with Jesus simple. Jesus likes simplicity. We must do our best to keep all of our relationships, especially with Jesus, our spouses, children, loved ones and others simple.

There is no particular, specific recipe. The ingredients are between you and GOD. But I do encourage you to find your simple, nice geography and either be there when you can or visualize it with Jesus’ presence.

By Landon

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