The Intercessors of Intercessors

Jesus Is The Intercessor of Intercessors. At this moment our LORD Christ Jesus is seated in Heaven at Father GOD’S right-hand interceding and advocating for each and every one of us who call on His Name. When we put our faith in Jesus, who is always with us, we put our faith in His earthly and Heavenly eternal abilities to ensure the best for us.

GOD inspired about 40 authors over more than 1,600 years to write The Bible in His infinite love, wisdom and knowledge for us. Each and every verse points to The Gospel of Jesus, Who died for the forgiveness of our sins. At Calvary the war was won. It is finished. The same Power that conquered death lives in us who call on Jesus’ Name. This is the exciting Gospel!

The Bible may be used to benefit The LORD’S children, who are saved by Him when we call on Jesus’ precious, holy, and mighty Name. When we believe in the basic, simple Gospel of Jesus as our Savior, then we are permitted all of GOD’S Heavenly and earthly blessings. All we must do is employ and apply Word’s principles to experience a revelation revolution.

Together calling on The Name of Jesus we have The Intercessor of Intercessors advocating on our behalf with Father GOD in Heaven. We have the ultimate Biblical blessings in The Most High. The LORD is faithful in keeping His written and living Word promises. We prayerfully intercede with The Bible as our greatest aid. Then in turn our LORD Christ Jesus, Who is The Intercessor of Intercessors intercedes on our behalf. Father GOD looks at us as He would see Jesus and grants to us our prayers in accordance with His will. We are privileged to be children of The Most High with Jesus interceding for us.

Salvation Prayer

If you happen to be unsure whether you are saved by Jesus and in fact destined for Heaven or would like to ensure your commitment to The LORD, then the following is a good prayer for you, as long as you truly believe it from your heart.

Let us pray this aloud: Father GOD, I believe You sent Your One and Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins and forgiveness. Please forgive me of my sins. The war was won at Calvary. It is finished. Now as I call on The Name of Jesus the same power that conquered death begins to live in me as I become saved by You. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer aloud for the first time or as a recommitment unto The LORD, please send a message to me via The angels are rejoicing in Heaven at this given moment for you praying this aloud and we would like to rejoice with them and you here on earth!

By Landon

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