Elephants Respect

We have friends in Zambia with farmlands. They prayed for the elephants to leave alone their pecan nut trees.

The elephants respect their prayers.

I sent them the following message this morning, which is appropriate for all of us to consider.

Greetings in The Precious Name of our LORD Christ Jesus!

As per yesterday and prior days, this morning I have the elephants on my mind, in my heart and in my spirit man.

I am thinking so much of how all creation, even brainless, heartless rocks, cry out to GOD.

When we respect Father GOD’S GODLY boundaries, He respects us.

When we respect His creation’s boundaries, we are respected.

Those elephants respect GOD’S boundaries.

How much more should we?

Love and Blessings in The Most High

Shalom aleichem!


By Landon

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