Nkosi Bars for Jesus

Joe Niemand is known to follow Jesus. A well known song is “Ek Sal Nie Bang Wees Nie,” which he produced and sang a few years ago. The LORD has since shifted His will for Joe to curb physical and spiritual starvation.

How can the world curb physical starvation? People, especially children, need optimal nutrients to manage to survive and preferably thrive daily. Wellspring Ministries’ Nkosi bar offers the needful.

How can the world curb spiritual hunger? The Gospel of our LORD Christ Jesus is the optimal nutritional bread of life. Wellspring Ministries by way of Nkosi bars in part offers Jesus in a bite sized package.

The world has countless options for nutritional daily requirements for children of all ages. Nkosi offers a few variations of a chocolate bar that helps a child until age 13 with 24 hours of sustenance.

Nkosi is not a full replacement of a proper balanced diet nor is Nkosi meant to be the only food a child eats. Nkosi can be used as an intervention food bar to ensure basic survival of a human child’s body.

The ideal is to stop hunger and find a wider array of optimal solutions for the child and/or children to start having a more holistic well balanced, nutritional food diet. Wellspring Ministries and Nkosi do this.

To learn more about Wellspring Ministries and Nkosi bars, visit the site at SaveALife.Africa.

Here is the song by Joe: “Ek Sal Nie Bang Wees Nie.

This is another one of Joe’s special songs: “A New Day.

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

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