The LORD’S Inner Chamber: Revelation Revolution

Following the authorship of Found that The LORD had me write in 2019, He had me start thinking about this new book. The words “revelation revolution” came to me during 2019. In 2020 the words “The LORD’S inner chamber” popped into my head whilst sitting in my prayer room. Today I am releasing the latest book, The LORD’s Inner Chamber: Revelation Revolution, Jesus’ Holy Spirit has had me digitally ink to screen. In due course it will be in print. To download a PDF click the following link. Your feedback is welcomed.

By Landon

One reply on “The LORD’S Inner Chamber: Revelation Revolution”

Amen to that. The balance of the three so eloquently put.
Lord Jesus, help us open our ears and eyes, and soften our hearts to know the truth about ourselves and to repent where we have strayed from your truth. Heal us where wounds are keeping us from walking in wholeness as the head of our home. Deliver us from the enemy who seeks to destroy our homes day in and day out. Help us be vigilant to his attempts to undermine what You are doing in our families.


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