This post may be updated as testimonies are submitted.

The following testimonies come from the Nigerian ministries of Tuesday, 1 June 2021, per this page:

[2021/06/03, 10:26:42] From Chris Obiorah: “Daddy good morning Sir please sir, here is my testimonies I can not explain all here but the most high God who knows what I was only walking as though I was alive but not, through you and your family has sent his son to raise my soul and my spirit from the calm of death, I am glad sir,”

[2021/06/03, 10:26:42] From Chris Obiorah: “To confirm this sir, I was able to sleep very well last night after 5 month, and in my dreams I saw myself sitting on the ground and my 2 hands and 2 legs were bound together and the place was very dark that I can’t even see what is before me, but suddenly my body started shaking and my right hand was free so I now use my right hand to touch the around me and I feel and open ground very close to my legs like grave, then I use my 2 hand to hold the ground and dress backward, immediately I feel the the hand of some body holding my hand but I was not seeing any body by me the hand now raise me of and turn me to face my back were I was coming from, as soon as I turn I see. light shining I saw one woman with her child and we were walking towards a hill to climb the hill before us. because the place we were coming from was deep, and it was just from where we were the light was shining to the hill join me and praise the Lord sir”

[2021/06/03, 10:26:44] From Chris Obiorah: “I wake up and started going to toilet and my body was becoming week mama begin to trouble but after that I was now very strong and my body has always remain cool and my stomach no movement, but now everything is well, I was supposed to go for check my lungs again yesterday by the doctor for the last time but thank God my savior come early to give the final say and I’m healed of my lungs, this morning my body is moving fine, because I have gotten the result have been waiting for and I’m strong now. Daddy, God bless you and bless your generation to come, please sir, my regards to the guest the son of the most high God, may the all almighty God bless and watch over him and family may the Lord be with his family to protect them from all evil in Jesus mighty name Amen.”

[2021/06/13, 09:17:43] Chris Obiorah: In Church now and its testimony time. Someone is testifying that as you pronounced blessings that Tuesday that from the next day, she has been having avalanche of blessings.
Another elderly man that you prayed for and pronounced “your days be increased” is currently testifying of victory of longevity over the spirit of death. He had been dreaming of death hitherto to your pronouncement.
Glory to Jesus!

By Landon

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