As we carefully read through The Book of Exodus it is remarkable how detail oriented The LORD is. To consider the exact stones to place on breastplates and the precise measurements of The Ark of The Covenant amazes.

We are serving The GOD of The Universe Who Created it, all systems, the world and the smallest particles holding all together. He is The GOD of Order and Purpose. All order and purpose point to Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

As we know GOD cares about the smallest item in life and inanimate, brainless objects such as rocks cry out to Him, how much more does Father GOD care about us and should we praise and worship Him?

May we give pause to The One Who Loves us first. May we remember to love, listen to and obey our KING of Kings, LORD of Lords, Christ Jesus. Let us follow The Way to loose The Heavenly Kingdom here on earth.

We seek first Jesus’ Kingdom and Righteousness. All else thereafter is added unto us. Be still. Know He Is GOD. Lock eyes on Jesus. Walk in faith. Do what He asks of us to do. He care-takes for us.

Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

2 replies on “Details”

I have seen it many times when things come through from prayers and it’s so subtle and in the small detail that we easily miss it.


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