Don’t Give The Spirits A Mouth

Original Message: Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Written by Jonathan Cahn via a daily email broadcast message.

“Did you know that evil spirits have no physical mouths to speak with? How do they speak? They need a mouth. Whose mouth? Yours. You might think, “That’s fine, but I’m not a demoniac.” Think again. If your mouth is used for slander and gossip, for words that are impure or negative and destructive, if you’re giving voice to things that hurt or tear down…then you’re giving voice to evil and to the spirits of evil. Evil needs a sound system to whisper temptations, thoughts of fear, envy, suspicion, greed and impurity. But it can’t go any further unless we give these things room by dwelling on them and giving them voice…so they can spread to others. Have you allowed yourself to be a mouthpiece for darkness? Repent; resolve that you will never again allow your tongue to be used for evil. The good news is…the Holy Spirit has no mouth of flesh and blood either…except yours. Dedicate your mouth to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit, speaking only words that bring life. Let the Spirit of God speak through you and the spirits of evil be silent.”


Blessings in The Most High


By Landon

One reply on “Don’t Give The Spirits A Mouth”

Thank you for sharing “Don’t give the spirits a mouth.” Rom. 12:2 tells us where it all starts. Allow God to renew our minds, because that is where the most battles start. We have a choice to act out of the old flesh, or allow the Holy Spirit to help us to guard our minds and hearts.


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