Gates of Praise

Thursday, September 30, 2021 by Jonathan Cahn

Jerusalem, the city of peace or shalom; it had walls and gates. Isaiah said that in the day when Jerusalem will be redeemed, your walls will be called salvation and your gates praise. Gates open so things can go in and out: riches and blessings. If you are born again, you are a child of Jerusalem; it’s your city. How do you receive the blessings of that place? Through the gates. It says you shall call your gates praise. When you praise God, your life opens like a gate and you enter in and receive the blessings of God. Become a person of praise. If you don’t praise Him, your gates are just gates. When you praise Him, the gates open, the blessings come and you enter in. Praise Him… at home when you rise, when you work, praise Him when you drive, praise Him when you talk, praise Him when you think, praise Him when you are alone. Praise Him and the gates shall open up. The blessings of God shall come pouring in because you are a child of Jerusalem and you shall call your walls salvation and your gates praise.

From Message #397- Hedges

Scripture: Psalm 150.

TODAY’S MISSION – Praise Him throughout this day and enter the blessings waiting for you just inside the gate.


By Landon

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