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“Why not Let GOD Fight These Battles for You?”

“The ‘Viral’ Gospel:”

Article Titled “Tony Dungy (NFL Hall of Fame player and first black head coach to win a Super Bowl) Implores Christians to ‘Demonstrate the Qualities’ of Jesus Amid Floyd Protests, Riots” By Caleb Parke (2 June 2020):

“Knowing Jesus as our Goal:”

Article Titled “Laminin: The ‘Protein’ Gospel” By Elrich van der Spuy (2020):

“Chase The Promise Keeper” By Julita Lambrecht (2020):

“George Floyd Was a Bible-Believing Christian with a History of Ministry Work” By Tré Goins-Phillips (29 May 2020):

“Men, Wives Testify of Impact of Gospel Message During Online Global Mighty Men Conference” By Andre Viljoen (28 May 2020):

“Stockholm Won’t Reach Herd Immunity In May, Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist Says” By H. J. Mai (25 May 2020):

“I Want You to Dance Upon the Ashes” By Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez (2020):

“World Health body says Covid-19 ‘Taking Different Path in Africa’” By a BusinessTech Staff Writer (23 May 2020):

Article Titled: “Could this Wave of Believers on the Streets be Start of Prophesied Latter-Day Revival?” By Andre Viljeon (2020):

Article Titled “Learning to Abide in Christ” By Trillia Newbell (2014):

There are two journal entries as follows: (1) a brief recent May 2020 testimony and (2) a flashback from January 2019:

Article Titled “How to Suffer Well” By Marshall Segal (2020). From taking a view of what is next to acceptance of the refiner’s fire to leaning into others, the author highlights importance of progressing through trials to rejoice in Jesus:

Article Titled “Why We Can Trust Him” By Trollip Newbell (2015). This lady beautifully outlines solid reasons for trusting The LORD. It is cliche to say “Trust The LORD.” The author emphasizes how we can truly trust Jesus. Here is the article:

“Three Ways to Purify Your Thinking” By Scott Hubbard (2019):

Article titled “The Wrath of GOD was Satisfied” By Jon Bloom (2020). This article depicts reasons Jesus was born Man and died on The Cross our sins. The wrath of GOD would be on us as sinners. Instead Jesus willingly took our place in death:

“Jesus Is The Door” by Bethel Baptist, Deerpark, Texas:

“How to Shine Your Light for Christ” By the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (2015):

“We Believe in the Holy Spirit” By David Mathis (2018):

“GOD Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth” By John Piper (1984):

“Sin No More” By John Piper (2008):

“After the Virus Has Passed — Ordinary Life in Light of Eternity” By Scott Hubbard (2020):

“Testimony of God’s Good Design” By Krista Horning (2012):

“A Prayer Warrior Overcomes satan:”

“Because He Is Our Father? or That We May Be Sons?” By John Piper (1992):

“We Beheld His Glory, Full of Grace and Truth” By John Piper (2008):

“Jesus Will Provide The Wine” By Jon Bloom (2015):

This was extraordinarily abnormal news on 20 April 2020. “The price of US oil has turned negative for the first time in history. That means oil producers are paying buyers to take the commodity off their hands over fears that storage capacity could run out.” “US Oil Prices Turn Negative as Demand Dries Up:”

“Nature, My Church:”

“On Living Through a Pandemic…” by Bob Pritchett (2020):

“Neither satan, nor viruses, nor bacteria, nor broken chromosomes are sovereign in this world. Jesus Is. No disease will stop His Mission.” — John Piper, Source: 8 October 2015 article titled “All Authority in Heaven and Earth: The Sovereignty of Jesus and His Unstoppable Mission.” Scripture: Matthew 28:18–20 Topic: World Missions. Page:

“A Gentle Spirit:”

“A Broken and Contrite Heart GOD Will Not Despise” By John Piper (2008):

“Jesus is Alive to Serve” By John Piper (1990):

“GOD Chose this Home for You” By Marshall Segal (2017):

Feature Article — “The ‘Viral’ Gospel:”

“What is Humility?” By John Piper (1999):

David Matthias in 2019 wrote “His Scars Will Never Fade:”

“How to Wish Someone a ‘Happy Passover‘” by Sarah Gray (2020):

“Five Truths About The Resurrection of Jesus” by Joseph Scheumann (2014):

“The Secret of Walking with GOD” by Bob Sorge (2001 and 2010):

“Is GOD’S Love Unconditional?” By John Piper (2009):

“Through the Fiery Furnace: Why We Can Trust GOD in Hard Times” by Mark Woods (2017):

“How Jesus Helped His Disciples Increase Their Faith” by John Piper (2001):

“The Strangest Thing Jesus Said” by Jon Bloom (2020):

“An MIT Professor Meets The Author of All Knowledge” by Rosalind Picard (2019):

“Dare to Feel Forgiven” by Dane Ortlund (2020):

“Expect God to Do Something Unexpected” by Alexander Stewart:

“True Love as an Act of Listening” by Thomas Dreyer:

“The Single Most Important Decision of My Life” by Billy Graham:

The Holocaust Encyclopedia on Corrie ten Boom:

“Why We Don’t Lose Hope” by John Piper:

“What Does it Mean ‘the Joy of the Lord Is My Strength’?” by Danielle Bernock:

“Sanhedrin Gets Authorization to Use Their Trees for Third Temple” by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz:

“What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection” published in Blessed Earth by Dr Matthew Sleeth:

“Though He Slay Me” by Angus Buchan:

“A Brief Biblical Lesson: Wealth, Riches, and Money:”

“A Biblical View on the Economic Crisis” by Patrick Kuwana: