The LORD’S Inner Chamber: Revelation Revolution

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The LORD’S Inner Chamber: Revelation Revolution

The following files are the PDF of the book for download, and there are 21 audio files for enjoyment.

Audio files are as follows. Should you directly want the PDF and/or *.mp3 files and are unable to download from this site, please feel free to contact me.

1 of 21 Introduction TLICRR
2 of 21 Revelation-Knowledge TLICRR
3 of 21 Watermelon and Coffee TLICRR
4 of 21 Applying Word as Prayer TLICRR
5 of 21 The Intercessor of Intercessors TLICRR
6 of 21 Here and Gone TLICRR
7 of 21 Mysteries of The Word TLICRR
8 of 21 The LORD Shut Him In TLICRR
9 of 21 The LORD Is Our Shepherd TLICRR
10 of 21 Comprehensive House Prayers TLICRR
11 of 21 Obedience, Unity and Agreement TLICRR
12 of 21 Righteousness and Wickedness TLICRR
13 of 21 Psalm 73 — The Passion Translation TLICRR
14 of 21 Revival TLICRR
15 of 21 Father’s Heart TLICRR
16 of 21 Lemons Make Lemonade TLICRR
17 of 21 The Undiluted and Uncompromised Word and Truth TLICRR
18 of 21 Restoration TLICRR
19 of 21 Is The Bible a Handbook or Narrative? TLICRR
20 of 21 Strategic Blueprint to Remove Uncertainty TLICRR
21 of 21 Mushrooms Grow in the Dark TLICRR

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Blessings in The Most High