The ‘Viral’ Gospel

In 1918 the global population was 1.8 billion people (24% of today). The Spanish flu hit 500 million people (28% of the 1918 population). About 50 million people died, which is 10% of those infected or nearly three (3) people (2.8% of the 1918 population) out of every one hundred (100) persons worldwide!

In 2020 the world population is about 7.6 billion people. Another virus hit. Thus far about two (2) million people have been infected. About six percent (6%) of those infected have sadly died thus far. We are in the middle of the epidemic and pandemic crisis and do not know the earthly outcome.

What do we know? Sin infects, impacts and kills more people in the past and present than any other disease or problem. How do we stop sin dead in its tracks?

The Gospel of our LORD Christ Jesus ensures sin is canceled from our lives. The Same Power that conquered death provides Eternal Resurrection Life in those of us who call on The Name of Jesus. We must recognize Jesus died for our sins once and for all. We can ask Him to be our LORD and Savior!

The following is a scientific explanation on viruses followed by GODLY analogies and parallels on sin written by Elrich van der Spuy, a second year medical school student.

Elrich had a Spirit-prompted revelation when reading and learning about viruses. The following medical facts take time to logically read to understand. The analogy and parallels that Elrich highlights from the virus types and sin are fascinating.

Elrich creatively titles his findings as “The ‘Viral’ Gospel.”

“The ‘Viral’ Gospel”

By Elrich van der Spuy

Viruses: Bacteriophage Structure

Phage viruses have a very simple structure. Their genetic material is contained in a prism shaped head and surrounded by a protein capsid. This is connected to the elongated sheath, sometimes called the tail, by a neck or collar region.

The sheath, or tail, forms a hollow tube through which the viral DNA/RNA is injected into the host cell and is surrounded by protective sheath proteins. At the bottom of the sheath is the base plate to which the commonly six (6) tail fibers attach to the host cell.

In order to reproduce, phage (type viruses) must first enter the host cell. Phage bind to specific receptors on the bacterial cell surface with their tail fibers (adsorption) and create a hole, a process which along with attachment is coordinated by the base plate3. A rigid tube is propelled out of the sheath, puncturing a hole in the bacterial cell membrane through which they inject their genetic material (DNA or RNA, double or single stranded). Phage can then hijack the host cell’s cellular machinery for their own replication if surrounding conditions are unfavorable in a process called the “lytic cycle.” Alternatively, they may enter a dormant state, known as the “lysogenic cycle,” within the host cell when conditions are favorable.

Lytic Cycle

In the lytic cycle, sometimes referred to as virulent infection, the infecting phage (virus types) ultimately kill the host cell to produce many of their own progeny. Immediately following injection into the host cell, the phage genome synthesizes early proteins that break down the host DNA, allowing the phage to take control of the cellular machinery. The phage then uses the host cell to synthesize the remaining proteins required to build new phage particles. The heads and sheaths are assembled separately, the new genetic material packed into the head and new daughter phage particles constructed. During this process the host cells gradually become weakened by phage enzymes and eventually burst releasing on average 100-200 new phage progeny into the surrounding environment.

Lysogenic Cycle

The lysogenic cycle, sometimes referred to as temperate or non-virulent infection, does not kill the host cell and instead uses the host as a refuge where it exists in a dormant state. Following the injection of the phage DNA into the host cell, it integrates itself into the host genome with the help of phage-encoded integrases where it is then termed a prophage. The prophage genome is then replicated passively along with the host genome as the host cell divides for as long as it remains there and does not form the proteins required to produce progeny. As the phage genome is generally comparatively small, the bacterial hosts are normally relatively “unharmed” by this process.

How can we relate?

The human body is an amazing and complex structure. Considering the two simple processes above clearly shows that only GOD is capable of designing, creating and permitting such marvels. I think because the human body is of such a GODLY design, we can draw analogies with some processes and daily elements of our lives.

Lytics Cycle Compared to Sin

The lytic cycle can remind us of what happens to us of which we are consciously aware. We identify problems, because we experience that the problems (or perhaps sins) have an immediate effect on us. The worry, fear, trauma, or bad thinking are example problems we may be able to more readily identify. These problems all have varying levels of pain, and we can more easily identify the problems to pray for solutions.

We need not carry a burden alone. GOD will remove or carry our burdens with and for us. Give it to Him. When the viruses are stopped before it is too late the host survives. By praying for solutions, we survive and become stronger by way of experiences and scarring.

“If there is no enemy on the inside, the enemy outside can do us no harm” (African proverb). Like a virus’ lytic cycle, it is easier to eliminate a problem as soon as we know the source.

When tribulations that cross our paths are not quickly removed like the phage viruses that overtake the cell’s machinery and uses its energy to produce more phages, the virus or sins will drain us of strength and we become our own worst enemy.

The remedy antidote is strong dosages of prayer asking of Jesus to surround and protect our insides and outsides.

“But understand that today The LORD your GOD will cross over ahead of you as a consuming fire; He will devastate and subdue (the enemy) before you. You will drive…out (the enemy) and (swiftly) destroy them…” (Deuteronomy 9:3).

Lysogenic Cycle Compared to Sin

The lysogenic cycle is the cycle the one that causes most harm. Entry of the virus is the same as the lytic cycle, but the big problem is that instead of immediately producing viruses the DNA of the virus integrates itself in the genetic coding of the host. Thus the host produces a copy of the viral DNA every time it replicates. The virus becomes a part of the body. The body’s white blood cells are the soldiers and only identify the virus when it is too late.

The virus becomes a “provirus.” Like a frog being slowly boiled in hot water, who does not know to jump out of the pot while the temperature rises, our bodies react to the viruses in the same manner. Our bodies do not see or acknowledge the virus exists until it is “too late.”

Examples of “invisible” sins or inequities are sins of the forefathers that can and do surface throughout life, unhealthy friendship circles that can and do subtly influence our ways and means of being, or internal turmoil that only surfaces during the most challenging and intense pressures times. Sin is not always so readily visible. Sometimes sin lies low in dormancy until activated. That is similar to the lysogenic cycle of a virus, as it hides.

These factors unfortunately slowly integrate themselves and bind into the DNA of who we are. These sins slowly consume us and eat away at our core persons. We only realize the troubles when it is too late. When the virus or sins is in every single cell of our body it is too late and moves to the lytic cycle to violently reproduce. Our bodies have no chance of survival, Life.

The only way to escape the provirus in our lives is to return to Jesus. We must give Jesus control of every infected area of our lives. We must follow GOD’S Treatment Plan: The Finished Work at Calvary!

Let us take our daily dose of prayer and be sensitive to His Voice. Surely GOD will extract every virus out of our DNA to rid us of sin and disease.

“Submit yourselves, then to God . Resist the devil , and he will flee”_ (James 4:7). We must allow GOD to overtake our lives or we will be consumed by sin. Let us remain in our LORD Jesus in oder for sin to be removed and His Blood to keep us clean!

The Written Word, Body and Blood of Jesus Is The Solution!

There Is Power in The Blood and Name of Jesus!

Blessings in The Most High


Article Titled “Laminin: The ‘Protein’ Gospel” By Elrich van der Spuy (2020):